Southport Network Scouts win 'Dragnet' Competition for first time in 20 Years!

Huge Congratulations to our Network Scouts (18 to 25 year olds) who won this year's Dragnet Competition this weekend! The following is a report from the Network leader :-

Dragnet is a competition aimed at the Explorer Scout and Scout Network sections and is 'not just one of brute force and stamina, but one of stealth, cunning, teamwork and planning'.
Teams are dropped off around 35 miles away at an unknown location in the lakes at midnight, Friday night. The winning team is the first team back to the base camp closest to 11am Sunday morning with the most lives remaining (each team had three lives). Lives are taken when catchers (leaders from groups) hunt down, find the teams, chase the teams and tap a team member on the shoulder.
Last year Southport Network entered a team, they came 8th and finished with one life remaining, naturally a team was entered this year to try and claim victory.
The competition this year was 5th - 7th July and team members were Andrew Harris, Matty Mitchell, Jonathan Sutton and Andrew Tinsley.
We began by driving to a rendezvous point Friday afternoon, from there they told us where base camp would be and we had to drive there to register our team and for kit inspection. This was at a Scout Centre in Ennerdale. At 22.30 all teams went on a coach to the unknown drop-off point. After trying to read road signs in the dark along the way we realised that we would be walking from Greystoke. So the journey back to base camp began at midnight.
All the time whilst walking we had to be on high alert for any catchers, whenever we saw car headlights we had no other option but to jump into fields or bushes to avoid being caught. There were times when we had to crawl through bushes in the dark to avoid capture.
At one point we were walking down a track road and a minibus pulled up, a catcher jumped out and started to chase us. Miraculously we were able to outrun him even with the added weight of our rucksacks!
In the end we finished at 11:48 Sunday morning. 55 teams entered, only 16 teams finished the competition with at least one life. It is very rare that a team finishes with all three lives, somehow we managed this and won the competition!!
We were awarded the Dragnet trophy which returns to Southport for the first time in over 20 years!
The guys in the team have done incredibly well, there were times when morale was low but we pulled together at crucial times and finished victorious!


District Scout Network Leader