Beaver's Celebrate their 25th Birthday with a District Fun Day

50 of our Beaver Scouts recently attended the District Beaver Fun Day held at Waterside Lodge on 19th March. The date started with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” in recognition of the Beaver Scout Section being 25 years old.

The children were then split into two groups, with one group doing a variety of craft bases, and the other group learning circus skills. After an hour and following a drink and a piece of the 25th birthday cake the groups swapped round.

The craft bases involved the beavers in candle dipping, glass painting, making coasters, designing a draw string badge and decorating and then eating a ginger bread man. There were some wonderful creations at these bases and there may be some budding artists or designers amongst our Beavers.

Wolfie from Bezerkaz Circus came along to deliver circus skills workshops, which included plate spinning and juggling amongst other skills. At the end of each session many of the Beavers had mastered some of the skills and each was allowed to deliver a performance for the other Beavers to watch and enjoy.

The day concluded with a juggling display from Wolfie followed by a giant bubble display and some of the Beavers as well as a certain ADC were put inside a bubble.

The day was a huge success and I am grateful from the input from the Beaver Leaders and from Wolfie. How do we top that next year??

John Marsh
ADC Beavers