Uniforms & Badges


Each Scout Section has their own style of uniform ranging from turquoise sweatshirts for the Beaver Scouts through to Beige shirts for Explorers and Leaders. These can be bought from branches and agents of Scout Shops Ltd - our nearest agent being Rawcliffes in London St - or from http://www.scoutshops.com/. Items of uniform should preferably bear a label approving the garment to Scout Association standards. We suggest that sweatshirts, shirts, jumpers and caps (if applicable) are bought a little larger than required at the time of purchase. To see the Uniform for the Scouting Section you are interested in please click on the Links below:

Badges and Neck Scarves:

Each Scout Group within Southport District has their own distinctive coloured Neck Scarf. In most cases these are provided by the Group when a member joins. Similarly any badges a member earns throughout their time in Scouting will also be provided by their Group. For the correct positions of badges on uniforms please click on the Links below:


Badge requirements:

Each of the Links below will take you to a page on the National Scout Website which indicates where badges should be positioned on the uniform appropriate to your Section. You can then use the Green menu on the left hand side of the page to find out the requirements for that Section's Activity Badges, Challenge Awards etc :