District Lord Derby Scout Competition 2014

First competition of the year, and what a day! The sun cracking the flags. District Lord Derby at Waterside Lodge. Scouts from 7 troops took part in bases which enable the scouts to do battle.

Bases consisted of bombs being transported, candle lighting pioneering style, first aid, fire lighting, chopping area, code breaking & a millionaire scout quiz.
All involved, Scout Leaders and Judges, said they enjoyed the event.

Thanks goes to the scouts for turning up and taking part, The Troop Leaders who organised the activities and the judges, who came from across different sections covering Beavers, Cubs, Explorers and even County. A very big thank you to the one and only Ruth the Explorer who had volunteered to help sort the kitchen for refreshments (who had come straight after passing her Theory Driving Test WELL DONE!).

Congratulations to the joint third placed 2nd Kew and 61st (Holy Trinity) Sea Scouts.
Second Placed 48th (St. Peters) Airscouts.
First Placed 1st Lockhart.

Best Base as evaluated by the Scouts on paper. 58th (Holy Family) Sea Scouts with the atomic Bomb base.

Well Done to everyone a very good day, one all must be proud of.

Enjoy the pictures which are posted on our Facebook page.