District Beaver Fun Day - March 2014

60 Beaver Scouts recently enjoyed a Fun Day at Waterside Lodge. The day was split into two halves with the 2nd, 19th and 62nd colonies attending the morning session and the 14th, 55th and 3 Beaver Scouts from the 62nd attending the afternoon session.

During the course of the day the Beavers learnt what objects float and which sink, created a volcano, made a magnet, learnt what happens to a lit candle when covered by a glass, split colours and experimented in hitting targets in deep water and shallow water. They also learnt different facts about the earth’s water such as what percentage of human bones are made up of water or how much water a hose pipe uses in 1 hour.

We were also very fortunate to be joined during the day by the Coast Guards who brought their Range Rover with them and also the Life Boat Crew who brought their Lifeboat and a Quad Bike with them. The Beavers had great fun sitting on the Quad Bike and enjoyed climbing into the Lifeboat and Range Rover as well as trying on various items of equipment from the Range Rover. They also learnt about various rescue techniques and learnt how a drowning person is approached by and rescued by a swimmer.

At the end of a very successful day all the Beavers were presented with a certificate for attending as well as gaining a well earned Experiment Activity Badge.

John Marsh
ADC Beavers