District Cub Dragonboat Competition 2014

It was Southport District's Annual Cub Dragonboat Racing Competition last night. 130 Cubs took part forming 8 teams of approx 18 cubs per boat. Each team had two timed races, one in each boat and against different teams. There were also 2 Network / Explorer scouts in each boat to help paddle the boats to the start and shout encouragement to the Cubs during each race. The team with the fastest combined times won the competition. The weather, which had threatened rain and gusts earlier in the week, turned warm and gave a gentle breeze to help push he boats along as they raced. The good weather also meant that lots of parents stayed to watch and cheer their teams on. Congratulations go to the 58th Cub pack for winning, closely followed by the 62nd and 48th. A special thanks goes to all the leaders, instructors, Waterside Lodge staff, Griffin Explorers and Network Scouts that helped make the competition possible, whether it was from painting the Dragonboats a few days before to clearing away all the equipment at the end.