Wingding 2014 - Beaver Scout Visit

60 excited six to eight year olds and 12 tired adults could only mean one thing, another Beaver outing. This time it was for our biannual County day out (Wingding) at Tawd Vale. 4 Colonies met at Waterloo Road Recreation Ground, Waterloo Road, at 7.45 am, to catch the coach to Tawd Vale whilst one colony made its own way there. Two Beavers still managed to miss the coach but caught up with us at Tawd Vale.Upon arrival the Beavers made their way up to the Motorway Field, which is where Southport Cubs were camping, and each put up a small hike tent for the Beavers to leave their belongings for the day. With the cubs having already gone to Campfire Hollow for the opening ceremony, this allowed the Beavers to familiarise themselves with their surroundings.At 9.30am the activities started and there was plenty for the Beavers to do with such things as Air Soft Shooting, an aerial runway over the top of Campfire Hollow and across the River Tawd, an assault course run by the Merseyside Jamboree Contingent and a Viking Encampment to name just a few. For a number of Beavers the Climbing Wall proved to be quite an exciting challenge and there appeared to be some Chris Boningtons in the making.In the craft tent, besides the crafts on offer such as badge making or leaf pressing, Beavers had the chance to get some free candy floss and for some this was the first time they had tasted it. There was also free ice cream available which the Beavers enjoyed.
We had a small hiccup when it came to getting tea as a box, which had been specifically allocated to Southport District, filled with crisps, biscuits and fruit, had been snaffled by others but it all worked out in the end.
At the conclusion of the activities, some Beavers took the opportunity to have some “chill time” before returning home whilst others attended the campfire put on by the organising team for the Beavers.
All too quickly for the Beavers, may be not quite all too quickly for the Leaders, it was time to re- embark the coach and return home after a very enjoyable and tiring day.
On behalf of Southport District Beavers, I would like to thank the organisers for a wonderful day.

John Marsh
ADC Beavers