District Beaver Sleepover 2015

Over the evening of 13th/14th February 18 beavers attended the District Sleepover held at Waterside Lodge. The theme was Jamborees.

The Beavers arrived at 6-30pm on the Friday evening and consisted of the 14th, 48th and 58th colonies. After being shown their rooms and having their beds made up by their parents and having the rules for the sleepover explained to them, they partook of five craft activities – making passports, decorating a bag (which they were going to keep their bits and pieces in), decorating a Necker, painting a kangaroos body (not a real one) and decorating a Dutch clog woggle. This was followed by an indoor campfire which the beavers seemed to enjoy, particularly the peanut song. They then settled down to enjoy a film and some popcorn before retiring to bed to sleep, we hoped.

The following morning the beavers enjoyed cereal and Swedish pancakes for breakfast before embarking on a short walk by the side of the Marine Lake and along the pier. It was a pleasant walk and it was great that one of our new Leaders, Kerry from the 48th was more than happy to run with the Beavers along the pier because I am far too old for that now. On arrival back at Waterside Lodge, we found that we had a visitor, Chris Scott, our District Commissioner. He was enjoying a cup of tea but had come along not only to see the Beavers but also to make a presentation to one of our Leaders. He explained to the Beavers the story of how the wood badge originated and then presented a Beaver Wood Badge to Dorothy Anderson. Just when she thought she was safe, Chris had a further presentation for her in the form of a 25 years’ service certificate and badge. Well done Dorothy. The Beavers then partook in more crafts including using the painted kangaroo body to make a letter holder and also had a go at toasting a marshmallow or two each on a BBQ. Lunch was then served before the Beavers enjoyed some indoor games before packing up their gear and the parents collecting them to go home.

The sleepover was enjoyed by all who attended and I would like to thank the Leaders for giving up their time and also thank Nora for all her work in the kitchen. I would also like to thank my wife Janet who assisted by Dorothy planned the bulk of the activities.

John Marsh
ADC Beavers