58th Cub Pack Win the District Cub Competition 2015

On Saturday 21 March 60 Cub Scouts from across Southport invaded the Botanic Gardens to take part in the Annual Cub Scout Competition. This year the competition was in two parts the first being an observational quiz around the gardens which lasted an hour and consisted of some 15 questions and took in all corners of the park. The second part of the competition was back at the 62nd Headquarters were each team had to light a fire in a biscuit tin and boil enough water to make a cup of hot Chocolate for the judges to drink. This year the winners were the 58th Southport (pictured) in joint second place came the 2nd and 19th Southport. Four Cub leaders organised the event on behalf of the district, our thanks go to Byron, Carole, Claire and Helen, special thanks must also go to Viv who set the questions and to ADC Scouts Paul and Richard who had the difficult task of judging the team work in building the fire and tasting the Hot Chocolate, and to the 62nd Southport for hosting the event so magnificently. At the end of the competition the District Commissioner Chris Scott presented the certificates and shield to the winners. For more pictures of the event please visit our Southport District Facebook Page.