St.George's Day Parade 2015

Many Congratulations to everyone that organised and turned out for our Annual St.George's Day Parade and Service yesterday. Around 500 District members marched from Waterside Lodge to Holy Trinity Church in glorious sunshine showing Southport what Scouting is all about. When we arrived at the Church we rapidly filled it leaving standing room only at the back.
The Service took place accompanied by Marshside Band ending with the Presentation of Awards, some farewells and welcoming new faces to some of our District Roles.
We wished Paul Culshaw Good Luck in his new role as he joins the County team as Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts and welcomed Richard Blake as our new Assistant District Commissioner for Scouts to take Paul's place. Also welcomed was Matty Mitchell, our District Network Scout Commissioner.

Then the Presentation of Awards took place; Congratulations to everyone :-

Pack of the Year - The 58th Cub Pack followed by 1st Southport Panther Pack with the 62nd Pack in Third place.

Troop of the Year - The 2nd Kew Woods followed by 1st Southport Lockhart Troop with the 48th Troop in Third Place.

Leader's 5 years Long Service Awards :-
Hugh Conaghan 58th Southport
Laura Monahan 1st Southport
Cath Cooper 62nd Southport
Deborah Coyne 48th Southport
Niki Richards 1st Southport (to be presented at a later date)

Leader's 30 years Long Service Awards :-
Janet Drittler - Explorer Scout Leader

Leader's 40 years Long Service Awards :-
John Simpson - 58th Southport
Alf Quinton - District Active Support Unit (to be presented at a later date)

Leader Training Wood badge awards :-
Russell Bennett
Karen O’brien
Viv Rathbone
Mark Furness
Paul Culshaw
Andrew Tinsley (to be presented at a later date)

Commendations :-
Penny Rimmer - Commendation for good service
Janet Drittler - Silver acorn
Ian Butler - Bar to the silver acorn
Paul Culshaw - Commissioner's Commendation Award
Mark Furness - Commissioner's Commendation Award

Walter Broadbent Trophy
Mark Furness

To see more photos of the Parade please go to our Southport District Scouts Facebook Page.