Southport Beavers Water Fun Day 2015

72 Beaver Scouts from 6 colonies recently enjoyed a Water Fun Day at Waterside Lodge. The morning session was attended by the 19th, 48th and 55th colonies and the afternoon session was attended by the 2nd, 14th and 62nd colonies.
Due to the weather conditions the water activities had to be adapted to enable the Beavers to have a fun time in a safe manner. The kata canoes were lashed together to form rafts and the object of this activity appeared to be to see how wet they could all get and some really did get wet as did the instructors. The bell boats were tied off to allow the Beavers to play games on the boats whilst not drifting too far out, although I am led to believe that the helm did endure a dip in the marine lake. One Group did actually go on the bell boat with it untied and surprised all the adults present by actually managing to paddle the boat all the way round the island and back to shore which was a remarkable effort given the windy conditions. The power boat ride and trip to the island proved to be as popular as ever but this year they were challenged to find the marshmallows, which they were then allowed to toast and then eat between two digestive biscuits. Well that was the plan, but somebody failed to let the leader, running the base, know that there were more biscuits so they experienced rations in the afternoon. The final activity was archery and we had our fair share of Robin Hoods along with some Maid Marians (or should it be Will Scarletts.)
A good day was enjoyed by all who attended and my thanks go to all the instructors for giving their time for the Beavers to have an action filled day.

John Marsh
ADC Beavers