1st Southport (Panthers) win District Cub Indoor Competition 2015

This year's Cub District Indoor Competition took the form of a 'Trading Post'. Our ten cub packs arrived at Waterside Lodge in teams of 6, where they were given a choice of around 20 challenges to do. For each challenge they had to use tokens to buy equipment to complete it, which earned them more tokens to buy more equipment for the bigger challenges and so on.....The team with the most tokens at the end won. The tasks ranged from tying knots to first aid, keeping marbles afloat in water, carrying footballs across the room without touching them, writing Camp menus, drawing the Union Flag correctly, making face masks and kneckerchiefs and sewing, amongst others. Congratulations go to 1st Southport Panther Pack who won overall, closely followed by the 19th cub pack and then the 61st. Many thanks to Clare, who organised the competition and to Kath & Norah for judging.