Cub Outdoor Competition 2016

Many Congratulations to the 58th Cub Pack, who won this year's District Outdoor Competition, and to the 62nd and 48th Cub Packs who came joint second! The competition took place at the 1st Southport HQ in Ainsdale and involved teams of 6 Cubs, per Pack, being tested on 10 different skill / fun type bases throughout the day. Each base was organised and run by the leaders from each of our 10 packs and included Fire Lighting, First Aid, Map symbols, mini Pioneering, Semaphore, Ingenuity, a water fun game, Bean Bag gauntlet, Stocking football and Welly throwing. It was a cold day but everyone enjoyed themselves. Many thanks to all the leaders that made the day really successful. For more pictures, please visit our District Facebook page