St. George's Day 2016 - District Commissioner Report

Well, plans for St.Georges day usually start back in the early autumn with the booking of the bands and consulting with Holy Trinity to arrange dates for our annual service and Parade. This year was no exception, but this year the 23rd April fell on a Saturday so breaking with tradition I settled on the Saturday for our celebrations. During the process of our arrangements we were informed that Rev Cannon Rod Garner would be unable to deliver our service and his Curate Rev'd Jane Morgan MBE would be preceding over the ceremony and also Banks Brass Band had to cancel due to numbers, thankfully Hesketh Silver Band took their place. Hymns were chosen and also our nominated charity Homestart Southport. Running into the Easter break all was good and ready for the big day, only the weather could not be arranged in advance.
On Saturday morning despite a long range forecast of showers I woke to an azure blue sky. With all the normal things that go on in my home the girls were up and uniforms ironed, my eldest Katy was nominated flag bearer for her scout troup, so the Brasso was out for a final polish.
It’s not until I hear the first beat of the drum do I start to relax in the knowledge that all the marshals are in place ( who did a wonderful job of keeping us safe) and that all the planning was worth it. This year when we set off it was mentioned what a great turn out we had, but as the parade exits Leicester Street and we take ownership of the Lord Street roundabout I do get the chance to look back at the parade. Well what I saw this year was just stunning. The parade looked magnificent in the bright sunshine and huge, I know the turnout was good, but if fact the biggest I have ever seen. Absolutely spectacular!
It is this moment above all the others of the year, were being Southport District Commissioner is somewhat overwhelming , I am immensely humbled and proud.
The service got underway bang on time with the magnificent Marshside Silver Band blowing their hearts out. We celebrated young Dylan’s(19th Emanual) 6th Birthday , beavers 30th and cubs 100th , I also present a great list of awards to some of our outstanding leaders, Altogether a truly fantastic day.

St.Georges Day Awards

• Birthday Boy Dylan Burston 19th

• 30th Beaver badge winner William Charlson 55th presenting a badge to the DC.

• Woodbadge Award.
Loz Rimmer 1st Tiger Cub Pack

• 10 years service
Paul Hanley

• 15 years service
Carole Priestner

• St Georges day awards

Chief Scout's Commendation for Good Service

Laura Frances Anne Bench Cub Scout Leader, 14th
Russell Bennett Scout Leader, 55th
Richard John Blake Assistant District Commissioner,
Iain David Midgley Assistant Scout Leader, 61st
Helen Jane Murphy Cub Scout Leader, 48th
Tracy Ann Nichols Assistant Scout Leader, 1st
Carole Priestner Cub Scout Leader, 1st

• Award for Merit

Clare Louise Butterworth Cub Scout Leader, 19th Southport
Dennis Reginald Cook Group Chairman, 62nd
Stephen Riley Explorer Scout Leader,

• Bar to the Award for Merit

Mary Vivienne Rathbone Group Scout Leader, 55th
Dorothy Ann Anderson Assistant Beaver Scout Leader, 14th
Norah Doherty Group Scout Leader, 48th

• Silver Acorn

Mark Furness 1st Southport
Ian Mathison,
Nicholas Morton

• Bar to the Silver Acorn
John Simpson Cubs/A GSL 58th

• Walter Broadbent Trophy - Sacha Pursell
For her amazing hard work undertaking the personal challenge award , raising well over £1,500 and 600 Easter eggs for Claire House

• Pack of the Year – 62nd Southport
• Troop of the Year – 1st Southport Lockhart