Cubs 100 - Trip to see the New Jungle Book Film

It was our Second Cub Centenary event of the year on Tuesday 26th April, a trip to see the new Jungle Book film at the Plaza Community Cinema in Crosby. It was a coincidence too good to miss, with Baden Powell using elements of this story when he started Cub Scouting 100 years ago.
500 cubs and Leaders attended from Southport, Formby, Crosby and Altside Districts.
It was a fantastic atmosphere and film. Everyone even clapped at the end!
Many thanks to Clare 19th and Loz Rimmer ( from the 1st Tigers) for both separately having the idea and then to Loz and team for organising the trip with the Plaza when County asked for it to be made a ‘Merseyside North’ Event.
Thanks to Martin, the Plaza manager, for letting us invade his cinema (and writing 'Happy Birthday Cubs' on the film boards outside) and to Mike Hussay from County for introducing the night to everyone. Reports from County say that all the other Districts had a fantastic time.