White Water Kayaking

During this year’s District ‘Wet Nights’ season we were joined by a couple of leaders who are interested in kayaking and possibly joining our team of instructors. After 6 months of training on the Marine Lake we took them to their first white water experience at Burrs Country Park. This is a stretch of river that loops around a car park area, the top of which can be accessed by paddling along a small stretch of canal…and can be run two to three times depending on how long you want to ‘play’ in the various rapids. The rapids are just right for a first time experience and for learning and perfecting the new kayaking skills a river demands. The only slightly daunting aspect is the large weir which is the very first thing you encounter….once done though everything else is a breeze. Everyone had lots of fun on the day, especially the first timers who thought it was an amazing experience.