Our Scouts need more Instructors!

As previously reported, this season’s WET NIGHTS have proved to be immensely popular! Over 50 Scouts are regularly attending and recently we recorded 66 !

There is a full range of activities available and, for many, a chance to obtain a qualification.

BUT Waterside Lodge has become a victim of its own success! We are now short of Instructors (especially Kayak) to allow all those attending to follow their choice of activity.

As well as the huge demand for instructors, time and changed circumstances have depleted our loyal and hard working team. We urgently need more adult volunteers to instruct or train to instruct.

If YOU are over 18 years, qualified in an activity – or are willing to take training and can come along regularly, PLEASE contact Waterside Lodge administration.

Even if you just wish to know more about the activities available and the work involved, please come along and see the Wet Nights in ‘full flow’.

Waterside Lodge also needs Maintenance Help

There is a good deal of cleaning, tidying and repair required in the building and surroundings at Waterside Lodge – on a daily basis. This is in addition to the work necessary to maintain and repair our ‘fleet’ of craft.

We are seeking ‘good fairies’ who will come regularly or occasionally to undertake a variety of cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Can you spare a few hours to help maintain our D.H.Q. and keep it up to the standard we all aspire to?
Please contact Waterside Lodge. No previous experience is required!

If you can ‘come with a friend’ or suggest someone who might be interested, please help us to increase our team in both of these roles.

The rewards are pride in our own premises and provision – and usually a free ‘brew’.