58th Cubs Win the Cub District Indoor Competition 2016

Congratulations to the 58th Cub Pack who won our District Indoor Competition last Wednesday. The teams of 6 cubs had an hour to build the tallest free standing tower made out of drinking straws. The tower also had to support the weight of a Kinder Egg and the height was measured from the top of this. There were lots of interesting structures being built and things got quite tense in the last few minutes as some teams found they had gone a bit too high and their tower wouldn't stand up on its own. Some of these teams managed to keep their towers upright by some last minute 'structural twisting' but unfortunately 3 of the towers collapsed when time was up. The 58th stopped when they realised their tower was well in the lead and would become unstable if they went any higher, so spent the last few minutes using straws to write out their Pack name at the base!...show offs. Well done to the 1st Tiger Pack who came 2nd and the 62nd Pack who came 3rd and many thanks to the leaders that helped look after the teams on the night and serve the refreshments. It was a fun night enjoyed by all and is definitely one to do again in a couple of years!