District Cub Camp 2011

On the weekend of 20th / 22nd May, at Dunham Park Scout Camp site at Altrincham, we held our annual District Cub Camp. Five Cub Packs attended, 17th, 23rd, 48th, 55th and 58th , with a total of 60 on camp, including leaders. The weekend was fine for the majority of the time so the weather didn’t stop the Cubs having a great time enjoying activities such as, the climbing wall, archery, fire lighting, camp gadgets and making cheese toasties and chocolate bananas on the barbecues and the fire. On Saturday morning we visited the National Trust Deer Park, next door, where Rangers took us through the park explaining why there were only 1,500 deer, when there used to be 4,000. They also showed the Cubs antlers that they had from the culled deer some time ago and the building where they used to hang the culled deer. On arriving back at Harrop Lodge we finished off with a picnic lunch, sat on the grass, outside in the sun.

Kath Lawrence
ADC Cubs