1st Southport Tiger Pack win the District Cub Indoor Competition 2017

On Wednesday night, 18th October, it was the Cubs Annual District Indoor Competition at Waterside Lodge. We vary the theme of this competition each year and for the first time we held a fun Challenge night. As well as the fun element the challenges also included some scouting skills and the Packs were pre-warned that each team member would need to know how to tie a reef knot and have some knowledge of Scouting history.

10 packs entered, each with a team of 6 cubs. Each cub was given a number and when theirs was called they had to come out to the centre of the room and take part in a challenge against each cub with the same number from the other packs. (so there would be 10 Cubs competing against each other). All the while being cheered on by their team mates.

The Challenges tested the Cubs on their Scouting, physical and mental skills, with points being earned for their team depending on how well they did.

These included: hopping on one leg for the longest time, tying a Reef knot in the quickest time (both in front and behind their back), bowling footballs between cones, tossing bean bags into a pot, throwing a piece of paper the furthest (adapted in any way they chose), throwing and catching a tennis ball the most times in a minute, stacking 21 plastic cups the quickest, answering questions on scouting history and a few others.

Congratulations go to the winners, the 1st Southport Tiger Cubs. They were closely followed by the 58th Cub pack in second and the 62nd in third.

Thanks to all of the Cubs for taking part and to the Leaders / Active Support Unit for helping judge/ score etc. Well done everybody.