Age Ranges in Scouting and the District Team

The District Team


District Commissioner

Sid Ludlow -

Deputy District Commissioner - Adventure

Andrew Denton -

Deputy District Commissioner - People

Ian Bench -

Assistant District Commissioner for Beavers

Mariella Davidson -

Assistant District Commissioner for Cubs

Mark Furness -

Acting Assistant District Commissioner for Scouts

Laura Monahan -

District Network Scout Commissioner

Arran Haigh -

District Explorer Scout Commissioner

c/o Sid Ludlow -

Local Training Manager

Heather Skelland -

District Treasurer

Sam Robinson -

District Appointments Secretary

Kath Lawrence -

District Media

Tracy Nichols -

District Secretary

Penny Rimmer -

District Chairperson

Rob Haigh -

District Data Protection Officer

Iain Midgley -


Beaver Scouts
Beaver Scouts are our youngest Section in Scouting with Boys & Girls aged between 6 – 8 yrs old.
For your nearest Beaver Scout Colony please go to our 'Scout Groups' page.


Cub Scouts
Cub Scouts are Boys and Girls aged between 8 – 10.5 yrs old.
For your nearest Cub Scout Pack please go to our 'Scout Groups' page.
Scouts are Boys & Girls aged between 10.5 and 14 yrs old.
For your nearest Scout Troop please go to our 'Scout Groups' page.


Explorer Scouts
Explorer Scouts are Boys & Girls aged between 14 – 18 years old.
Southport has Three District Explorer Units.
'Spearhead' Explorer Unit is based at our District HQ – Waterside Lodge on Thursday Evenings
‘Griffin' Explorer Unit meet at the 19th Scout HQ, Radnor Drive , on Monday evenings.
'Endeavour' Explorer Unit meets at the 1st Scout HQ, Pinfold Lane, Ainsdale on Friday evenings


Scouting Network caters for Young people aged between 18 and 25 yrs old
Website -


Active Support units
Southport has two ‘Scout Active Support Units’
Members of these units are aged between 18 and no maximum age and help to ‘actively’ support Events, Competitions in our Scouting District as opposed to running weekly Scout meetings .
For further details please contact :-
District Scout Active Support unit
Penny Rimmer –
Waterside lodge Scout Active Support Unit (Water Instructors)
Doccy Morton –